Optimizing the 
 Human Weapon System

Human Performance

T3i Human Performance

From Special Operations Forces (SOF) to Fighter Pilots, T3i has significant "recency and reps" partnering with government organizations building and executing uniquely designed human performance (HP) programs. More importantly, T3i has a track record of producing tangible results, e.g. sharply decreased injury rates, elevated physiological performance markers, and unprecedented success at physically demanding/high-attrition selection courses.

For T3i, tactical athlete HP is far more than traditional strength & conditioning. Along with strength, power, and energy system development, our HP programs purposely incorporate movement quality, mobility, recovery, performance nutrition, sleep hygiene, cognitive performance, and emotional resilience. This comprehensive approach elevates on-the-job performance while reducing injury rates. When injuries do occur, medical profile durations are typically truncated through focused rehab and an aggressive “return to duty” mindset. By design, and when appropriate, our HP programs also deliberately and routinely incorporate innovative methods and technology to bolster performance and further inform programming. Ultimately, our holistic approach enables operators to be more cognitively, emotionally, and physically prepared to excel in their demanding operational environment.

Regardless of a program's maturity, T3i's drive is always the same:

  • Improve performance
  • Extend career longevity
  • Increase operational readiness and effectiveness
  • Protect post-service quality of life

Regardless of an athlete's training age or an organization's HP program's maturity, T3i HP professionals have the experience necessary to elevate performance. We've taken the reins of existing programs as well as established new programs from scratch. We've also worked with organizations that want to take their current HP efforts to the next level.

Bottom line, T3i is incredibly passionate about supporting tactical athletes. As a company largely comprised of former and retired SOF, we "get it" — maintaining the "human weapon system" isn't just important — it's a game changer! Your organization would be hard-pressed to find a better teammate!

If You Can't Measure It, You Can't Improve it


NAVIGATOR is a scalable, web-based Special Operations total force management application. Navigator provides a consolidated interface to capture physical and non-physical measurables (demographic commonalities, biographic data, physical fitness performance, technical proficiency, character traits, etc.) enabling an organization to track, trend, aggregate & report all facets of development. Navigator enables real-time, holistic oversight of Special Operations development and training from initial contact through the life of an operator.

By measuring physical, technical, and character abilities and traits combined with peer, instructor, and self assessments, NAVIGATOR produces actionable holistic reports to assess and mentor individuals to reach their maximum performance levels.

Navigator Pipeline Summary Navigator Character Summary

NAVIGATOR's ability to aggregate and provide visibility across thousands of disparate data sets enables real-time access to individual metrics and statistics, allowing a Command to make data-driven resource and planning decisions with minimal effort.

Navigator integrates critical information across various organizations to enable data driven recruitment, development, career progression, and assignment tracking, culminating in a Special Operations force management tool that provides immediate and community-wide benefits.