Known for tackling tough 
 problems for our clients

About Us

Whether it is our tactical athletes pushing human performance levels, our engineers creating predictive analysis models, or our operators refining tactical skills, we are known for tackling tough problems for our clients.

We offer customers a full range of unique tactical services and specialized technology solutions. We increase our clients' capabilities through advancements in human performance and our ability to rapidly develop and integrate new and emerging technological solutions. By recognizing and solving problems for our customers and always outperforming expectations, T3i has a history of making meaningful and lasting contributions to our customers' mission success.

While the SOF Truths have been around long before us, as a Special Operations company, we have fully embraced them to embody the core of our organization's drive and commitment.

Our Corporate Values

T3i is a dynamic Veteran Owned Business that provides specialized tactical and technical services for unique and highly demanding clients. The majority of our clients are Special Operations Forces who execute our country's most complex and difficult operations. We understand the overwhelming pressures and requirements of our former teammates and the following values govern our actions to succeed in this environment.

SOF Truths

  • Humans are more important than hardware.
  • Quality is better than quantity.
  • Special Operations Forces cannot be mass produced.
  • Competent SOF cannot be created after emergencies occur.
  • Most SOF operations require non-SOF assistance.

Pursuit of Excellence

T3i exceeds our client's expectations on every project. We drive ourselves hard to achieve our goals and provide unparalleled support. We expect individual commitment and performance well above the industry standard. Each member can and must make a difference.

Best Value Solutions

  • 100% Employee Owned/Operated
  • 95%+ Employee Retention Rate
  • 80%+ Veteran Workforce
  • Highly Trained/Skilled Workforce
  • Exceptional Past Performance/CPARs Ratings

Team Focus

We are a small company and in this together. Part of our winning recipe is our low overhead which increases each of our individual workloads. We require each team member to do their part and support the overall effort of T3i. We cannot succeed solely as individuals and will rely and support each other in order to have greater success over time.

Reward Performance

T3i is a performance based company. We recognize each person’s contribution and we share the financial rewards that come from T3i’s success. We seek to significantly improve each person’s financial wealth but also recognize some individuals’ contributions are greater in relation to the overall growth and success of T3i and should be rewarded accordingly.

Work/Life Fulfillment

We want to improve the quality of life of our members by meeting individual goals, providing meaningful work, and balancing our work with everything else in life. T3i aspires to be a company that each member is proud to be associated with because of what we represent as an organization.

Aggressive with High Risk Tolerance

T3i must proactively recognize and solve problems for our clients as well as come up with new ideas all together. We will take risk in the ideas we believe in. This is how we will grow!

Give Back

We will never forget our origin. The fabric of T3i was developed from our own experiences in Special Operations which have played a major role in making us who we are today and providing the opportunities to get here. In addition to providing unequalled support, we will also provide opportunities for our fellow teammates. We believe that their commitment to the community is important to them and makes a significant difference in quality.