If You Can't Measure It, You Can't Improve it 
 - Peter Drucker

NAVIGATOR is a scalable, web-based Special Operations total force management application. Navigator provides a consolidated interface to capture physical and non-physical measurables (demographic commonalities, biographic data, physical fitness performance, technical proficiency, character traits, etc.) enabling an organization to track, trend, aggregate & report all facets of development. Navigator enables real-time, holistic oversight of Special Operations development and training from initial contact through the life of an operator.

By measuring physical, technical, and character abilities and traits combined with peer, instructor, and self assessments, NAVIGATOR produces actionable holistic reports to assess and mentor individuals to reach their maximum performance levels.

Navigator Pipeline Summary Navigator Character Summary

NAVIGATOR's ability to aggregate and provide visibility across thousands of disparate data sets enables real-time access to individual metrics and statistics, allowing a Command to make data-driven resource and planning decisions with minimal effort.

Navigator integrates critical information across various organizations to enable data driven recruitment, development, career progression, and assignment tracking, culminating in a Special Operations force management tool that provides immediate and community-wide benefits.