What seems impossible today 
 will soon become your warm-up


Human Performance

Our customers' success requires the highest levels of mental and physical performance in order to execute our country's most important and complex operations. T3i's human performance programs are developed hand-in-hand with our customers to meet their demanding requirements. We have had the privilege of coaching, training, and mentoring more than 10,000 Special Operations candidates and operators and continue that effort daily. We believe that there are no "one size (one program) fits all" solutions when it comes to optimizing performance for highly specialized units. However, there are sound principles to increase fitness, health, longevity and overall performance, regardless of occupation. Our approach provides a tailored solution focused on building a strong foundation that fosters continual improvement.


Our training philosophy focuses on mastering the basics. There is a perception that SOF focuses on the most advanced training in the world but the truth of the matter is, SOF concentrates on the doing the basics well. The magic is hard work and repetition and getting the entire team to do the basics well together.

T3i provides training for a variety of classes and high-risk evolutions including: Immediate Action Drills, Close Quarters Combat, Marksmanship, Demolitions, Combatives, Canopy Control, Combat Diving, Land Navigation, and Waterborne Operations. We are proud to provide our former teammates still in uniform with the absolute highest quality training available.


T3i's technical expertise focuses mainly on joint special operations and human intelligence collection as well as other skill sets that require innovative engineering and technical proficiencies.